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Photographed by Rodrigo Álvarez in collaboration with Dior Men.

“I think the most important thing my career has brought into my life is the fact of knowing I can actually do things; to recognize my worth as a human. It’s a slow process, but when you accept and embrace everything that comes to you, you get there.” 

José Lupercio is his name. His closest friends call him Chema sometimes. He lives in Mexico City. Since he was a little kid he kind of always dreamed of doing what he does now. The 25 year-old film director has not walked an easy road but little by little, he’s gotten places and most importantly, he’s made a name for himself. But, what makes his work different from the rest? It’s probably the nostalgia that comes with it. “I would say I’m a very dramatic person and I think that also makes me a nostalgic one. It’s not that I look for it or that I try to include it in all my work, but it’s always there. It’s in me.” By looking at his work, one can feel a closeness to his characters, you identify with the subject. He shoots everyone: models, his closest friends, celebrities – but there’s always something very personal about his stories. They feel warm, human. And that makes them real, even if they’re not.

The creative industry is not an easy one. Everybody wants to be part of it. Getting in is hard but staying in is even harder. Sometimes it feels like everyone is trying to be the next big thing. But, how do you get there? Well, one thing is being big and another is being relevant. Lupercio is relevant. He comes with a message. He’s young and he talks to other young people – he knows they listen. He connects with others and he celebrates others. “Growing together is essential to me.” And by that, he means supporting colleagues and friends he works with. “I think it is very important to recognize other people’s worth  and what they might be able to bring into your life. It’s good to see the good things in others.”That’s probably what makes his vision so special: he works with people he loves.

Lupercio is young but he stands strong. He knows there’s still a long way to go but he’s on great track: listening, doing research, trying to put himself in other people’s shoes. One day a time time, he just keeps moving. “It was like a year ago that I felt lost. I just didn’t know what I was doing with my life or what I wanted to do with my future. I sat with my parents and told them I just didn’t know what direction I was meant to go.” But, isn’t that life? Not knowing where to go or what to do? It’s also about believing in yourself. Convincing yourself that you’re capable of doing great things and going great places. So far, José has convinced himself of taking the risk.

He’s pushed himself.
And it has worked out.



José Lupercio wears Dior Men and the new Dior Lingot bag.


“I would never say fashion is the most important thing in my life or something I focus on a lot, but it’s part of what I do.People I work with and some of my friends are related to it. I love it. Right now, I would say Mugler is doing an amazing job. Their creative direction is beautiful,” says Lupercio who recently shot model and singer King Farrell for Dapper Tapper’s Abril 2022 digital cover. Most recently, José worked with Mexican edition of L’Officiel directing a video for their cover story. He also worked with Nike Mexico on the brand’s “Be Proud,” campaign. His work in fashion stands out not only for his visuals but for the message behind the projects he works on. They all seem to have a very special energy – one that reflects what a special human being he is.





And what’s next for José? The future is such a cliché thing so we’ll stick to the here and now. Then, what’s the thing that keeps him going? “I think it’s the process of doing things what I enjoy most.  Starting somewhere to get somewhere. Going with the flow. Accepting things as they come and believing in yourself.”

Lupercio is not worried about making beautiful things. Anybody can do that .
He’s focused on making meaningful things.
His work comes from love.
And anything made with love conquers it all.

To learn more about José Lupercio and his work, follow him on Instagram: @joselupercio_




*The Dior Lingot creations are distinguished by their rectangular shape, their shoulder strap adorned with and industrial “CD” buckle, and their fall recalling the iconic curves of the Saddle bag. All these fundamentals are reinterpreted in three new models designed by Kim Jones for the Dior Men’s Fall 2022 collection.