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“My music speaks of everything: there’s no filters, no posing, it’s neutral.”

Photographed in Mexico City by José Lupercio.

King Farrell is the kind of name that you don’t forget. And then, when you hear his music, it all makes sense; he sticks with you and there’s no way out. He sings of love but he also sings of everything that exists around us. His lyrics tell the type of thing we all go through: life. He’s well aware of his talent and that’s probably his biggest weapon. Little by little, he’s taking the industry by surprise, standing strong and moving forward. Farrell, who just also started his modeling career is not only a face but an entire force that’s ready to be everywhere. Is the world ready for him? It better cause here he comes.

“Inspiration comes from everything. It can by any situation, person, place, memory. It can literally come from anything – it all depends on what I want to say through it. I usually get inspired from listening to melodies. I hear a beat and then I get a thousand ideas. I then start experimenting to create something new and start writing something about a memory and translate it to a melody that says what I want.” 

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King Farrell wears Bottega Veneta.

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King Farrell wears Bottega Veneta.

While growing up, Farrell was a victim of bullying. On this, he says: “It was a very complicated process. I was bullied physically and verbally. A lot of insecurities were unleashed but today I’m over them. I got to get over it thanks to therapy and accepting myself little by little. There was a lot of introspection, forgiving those who hurt me and forgiving me for punishing myself. It was difficult but not impossible.”


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King Farrell wears Bottega Veneta.

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King Farrell wears Gucci.

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From left to right, King Farrell wears Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo.  

When asked about what love means to him, the model and singer says: “To me, love is all the good things that are out there. Something that nourishes you. With no negative intentions; the most real and pure thing, the absolute truth.”


“Mexico represents a lot of things. I’m sure Mexican talent is unique. I think we still need to support it a little bit more, as well as our culture and artists. We also need to be proud of the brown skin that represents us.” 

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King Farrell wears Ermenegildo Zegna. 

“Since I was a boy, music made me dream. It’s always been present since I can remember. I’m still that kids that dreams with it.” 

“My favorite tattoo is the butterfly on my chest. It reflects the metamorphosis and the emotional and physical evolution I have been through.”  

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King Farrell wears Dior Men shoes. 

“My favorite word is freedom. We all deserve to be free in every aspect.”


Get to know King Farrell better by listening to his music on Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube.

Photographer: José Lupercio
Editor: Dan Victoria Gleason
Talent: King Farrell at In The Park Management.